Additions & Remodels

Many homeowners are happy with their present location.

But when extra space is needed, an addition or remodel is often a more desirable alternative than moving to a different house.

The size and scope of additions vary widely.  A simple project may involve a larger entry area, adding a small bay onto a kitchen or living room, or removing interior walls to combine dining room and kitchen areas. Larger additions can substantially increase the size of your home.

As you plan, keep some important items in mind:

  1. Size and design
  2. Appliances and Fixtures
  3. Moisture and Thermal
  4. Plumbing and Electrical
  5. Heating and Ventilation
  6. Finishes
  7. Zoning and Regulations

For more detailed explanation of these items, give AJD Builders a call to see if a remodel or addition is right for you!