Building a new deck or improving upon your existing deck can add a unique outdoor experience to your home enjoyment. AJD Builders has envisioned, designed and built dozens of decks throughout the Bay Area.

Top 3 reasons to build a deck for your home:

  1. Decks are a Great Investment: When you add a hardwood deck to your home, you’re increasing your quality of life and your home’s value. According to Remodeling Magazine, you can expect an average 60 – 70% percent return on your investment when you install a wood deck. People shopping for homes prefer houses with decks, because decks expand their living space and provide infinite ways to relax and have fun.
  2. Connect With Mother Nature: Today’s people are much less connected to the natural world than any other time in history. This natural connection has been replaced for the plugged-world and less  unstructured outdoor play.  Whether your home is a Maine farmhouse or a Chicago brownstone, a California ranch or a Florida bungalow, decks offer you a quick and easy way to connect with nature- the amazing lake views, the smell of your homegrown vegetables and fresh basil, listening to the wind chimes on your deck, a family dinner or simple relaxation.  Life is not simple but decks give you an easy escape to some much needed peace and quiet.
  3. Year around Fun with Friends and Family: On Thanksgiving Day, you and your family can gather and have fun together, on Independence Day you can grill hot dogs and steaks. A built-in hot tub adds opportunities for fun and relaxation.

Here are a few "Before & After" pictures of a few recent projects:






AJD Builders also built the below award-winning deck in San Rafael in 2012.


Critic's reviews:

“This spectacular deck was built in San Rafael—the deck’s amazing views can really be enjoyed on this expertly designed outdoor space.”     —Advantage Lumber

“It takes great planning, precision, and VISION to create a deck of such beauty.”     —

“Mixing the golden honey color of Garapa wood with the dark reddish brown Ipe wood was a stroke of building genius.”     —Angie's List

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Vistawood Project:

Yolanda Project

Humboldt Project

Hamilton Project

Young Project