Sonoma County Fire Cleanup, Private Contractor vs Fema Program

Sonoma County Fire Cleanup Update

Under the state of emergency FEMA program, the county has already burned up $200 million
in spending and have cleared 862 sites. This averages $232,000 per site.
Fire Cleanup Contractors are also allowed to bill insurance companies for alternative funds at their discretion which could make the cost per site even higher.

As of 12/8/17. 
Private v Fema | Fire Cleanup Cost | Avg. Per Site
Fema Program: $232,000
Private Contractor: $70,000

In the private sector, average cost to clean up a site is $70,000 billed directly to insurance/owners.

Not only are private contractors 3x cheaper so far, but we can guarantee clean up durations sooner than later for future building, compared to the FEMA program.

As a Homeowner, you will be able to interact with our fire cleanup team performing cleanup work on your property. Our fire cleanup team has established timelines to work for YOU, so you can schedule your time if you want witness the work. Our dedicated team understands that delaying your fire cleanup only hinders your building plans, so we work hard, fast, and dilegently so you can start the building process.

Our Fire Cleanup Team Lives

and Works in Sonoma County

We live here in Sonoma County too, and our reputation depends on thoroughness, efficiency and service to YOU.

We guarantee that if after we are finished with your fire cleanlup, if there is additional clean-up and testing to suffice the County/City jurisdictions before building can commence, we will come back immediately to remedy the issue.

More info on our Rebuild Sonoma County Fire Page
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