silverware-as-kitchen-cabinet-hardwareReplace Cupboards with New Hardware

Can’t afford to do a complete kitchen remodel? Here is a renovation hack just for you. Go out and purchase some fun hardware to accent your kitchen cabinets and change the look completely.  Compliment your new look with some fun ceiling with faux tin or unique design.



Hang ArtworkHang Art on stairways or exposed attic easements.

Make a statement with your favorite paintings, drawings, and photographs by massing them on one wall. (Works of similar themes, mediums, or colors look best together.) Trace frames onto paper and cut out, then arrange the templates on the wall until you find a layout you like.


lampshadesUpgrade Your Lights with Fun Lampshades

Go to nearby Target or visit your local antique dealer and find shades to mix and match throughout your living room for a fresh new look.  Bright accent colors or funky patterns can really liven up a room. Feeling really ambitious? Visit the local craft store to crete your own.



mld105906_0910_shelf059_vertLiven up an Old Bookshelf

Purchase some fun patterned wallpaper or even fabric and line the back of a ho-hum bookcase for a fun new eye-catching work of art! Painting with patterns can work just as well too.



cratesCreate Mud Room Shelving with Crates

Use old wooden crates to create that oh so needed shelving for your mudroom.  Stack two side by side and place a cushion across the top and not only is there a place to store those muddy shoes, but a place to sit and remove them!



mason jarThrifty Accents for Your Sinks

Repurpose the classic Mason jar as a soap or lotion dispenser in your powder room, bathroom or kitchen. Drill a hole into the top of the Mason jar and use old pump dispensers from other household items and you have your very own custom soap dispensers.



wainscotingAdd Wainscoting to Dull Drab Living Room or Dining Room Walls

Adding wainscoting is a great way to add a textured look to any worn out living room or dining room wall.  Use an accent color that compliments the current color scheme or be bold and daring and go with a color that stands out, but adds an entirely new dimension to the look and feel of your dining room or living room.

These are a few tops for simple do-it-yourself projects for any weekend.  Should you require a more extensive home improvement or home renovation project, AJD Builders is here to assist.